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Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Service Company
since 1985

Are you facing plumbing problems and want an expert long term solution? Are you living in Whittier, La Habra, Brea, San Clemente or any of the surrounding areas? Well, help is at hand. Call us. We at A Drain Man have been in this business for almost three decades and have imbibed the latest techniques and technology to deploy it in all our work.

Like everybody, we have set hours of availability, but a leaking faucet or a pipe bursting does not always adhere to those hours. That is why we are available round the clock for any emergency that might arise. We do not want you to be inconvenienced for even an hour. This is the standard we have set for ourselves. This is how we have achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction and get repeat service requests not only from them but also from their friends and acquaintances.

We're Expert Plumbers and Drain Cleaners Offering Honest and Reliable Service
- On Time Every Time

Before undertaking any work, we make a thorough on the spot study of the problem at hand. We will discuss with you the exact nature of the problem and will offer the quickest and most efficient way to get around it; a solution that will not bust your bank either. Only when you are convinced that we will give you the best deal for your money will we start work. We offer specialized service for both residential and commercial areas and have made a name for ourselves in both.

Residential – What are regular residential plumbing needs? They mainly include the installation of appliances like washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers and faucets. Clogged drains can also be a persistent problem. Here we have a unique method. With the help of video cameras fitted at the end of metal ropes inserted into the blocked pipe, we can find the exact trouble spot. Then by pumping in water at high pressure, the drain is cleared. We use such hi-tech methods for all plumbing related issues.

Commercial – Even though we do not feel that a particular job is exclusively commercial by nature, chemical wash and treatments, water softeners and large scale garbage disposal networks are more inclined to this category. Contact us for the most exclusive commercial plumbing service within our area of operation.

Bear in mind, no plumbing related work is beyond us, neither is time a constraint. With these two factors in the bag, rest assured we are cut above the others. Don’t even consider a second opinion.

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