The Different Uses of Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is often associated with its pipe cleaning advantages but there are actually a lot more other uses for such technology. It can be used for removing paint, petroleum drilling and even cutting materials. Although it should be noted that this type of technology is still in its infancy on the mentioned uses. Further studies still needs to be conducted when using this technology for such purposes. But with the recent developments, it had shown to have positive effects for such uses. Let’s take a closer look at each use.

For Removing Paint

Thanks to the collaboration of the company known as Ultrastrip and NASA, a system was created where streams of high-pressure water is used to remove paint from ships. This is proven to be a beneficial method as it’s less toxic compared to traditional sandblasting. When you sandblast the paint from ships, toxic dusts will be produced posing as a health hazard. On the other hand, with such technology- a robot is used that is meant to cling to the ship’s hull. With the use of magnetic wheels, an operator will no longer be required to remove paints. This is makes it a safer option as compared to sandblasting.

For Petroleum Drilling

The process of petroleum mining can be a little difficult but thanks to such technology, the process is made easier. What makes the extraction difficult for petroleum is when it gets trapped in its surrounding bedrock. However a study was conducted in 2010 where they used high pressure jetting to break apart the bedrock that has the trapped petroleum thereby making the extraction easier.

For Cutting Things

In 1970, a study was conducted where streams of water was pressurized to cut glass, marble slabs and ceramics. It did work so they tried using it with cutting metal shapes. Again it worked which made it a great alternative for cutting metals instead of milling and sawing. To make the process of cutting easier with this technology, garnet powder can be placed in addition to the water for cutting.

For Pipe Cleaning

Among all the uses of such technology, it is in pipe cleaning that it has been widely proven to be effective. In fact experts at highly recommends such process when it’s time to clean out the pipes and remove obstruction that maybe causing your plumbing problems. These experts also recommend pipe bursting just in case there is a need for you to replace old pipes with new ones because cleaning just won’t do anymore.