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Residential Plumbing Service La Habra

Have you ever faced a situation where water from a leaking kitchen tap is ruining your expensive living room carpet? Or maybe the waste from the clogged sewer pipe is spilling into your bathroom? Such things are a common theme of recurring nightmares. The first impulse is to try and fix the problem yourself but nothing could be more disastrous. The plumbing network in your house is highly intricate. Every component is balanced by another. Any small change in the system will lead to the collapse of the whole setup. Call us and forget all your troubles.

There are different aspects to residential plumbing and each is totally different from the other. However, it might be classified into three broad categories.

Installation – Installation of your expensive items must be totally as per the manual of instructions. These include washing machines, dishwashers, faucets and water heaters to name a few. The efficiency at which they will work later is mostly dependant on the plumbing work done initially. Don’t take any chances in this regard. Get in touch with us. We have installed numerous such machines of all make and brand all around La Habra. If necessary, permanent modifications to the present set of connections will be made so you can position your purchase wherever you want.

Preventive Care – There are certain items that act as a deterrent to any potential problem. Identifying your requirements requires a high level of experience. We should know since we have more than two decades of knowledge in this line. These include putting up backflow devices, earthquake valves, water softeners and gas dryer shut off valves. This list is not exhaustive but only to give you a suggestion of the options available. Investment in these is akin to an insurance cover for your house.

Repairs – We are mainly remembered throughout La Habra, when a problem arises. Give us a call and we will immediately respond to any urgent repairs, round the clock. High tech tools and the latest methods are employed which saves on time and expenses. Pipes are not dug up for repairs or replacement. Trenchless method will take care of it. The exact spot for blockage in a drain is checked by inserting a video camera and cleaned by hydro jetting, quickly and without any mess. Modern process used by us is a far cry from the old traditional methods.

You now know whom to seek advice from when you are up to the neck in plumbing problems. Don’t worry if it is some ungodly hour. Your emergency is our emergency too.

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